Candylab Toys Ambulance Van, New Style


If you're a movie buff, you know LA features prominently
in lots of tough screenplays. When make-believe play
happens, a tiny LA County rescuer is precisely what's
needed to keep all the characters in good health. Tiny
silver blanket accessories sold separately.

Materials: Solid Beech Wood, water-based paint and
clear urethane coat. ABS plastic wheels. Safety tested
according to US CPSIA and European, Australian and
New Zealand regulations. Not for children under 3
years of age.

Dimensions: 3.3" Lx 1.6" W x 2.6" H (8.4cm L x 4.]cm W x
6.6cm H)
Weight: 6 oz/ 232g
Packaging: 3.7" Lx 1.7" W x 3.7" H (9.4cm L x4.3cm W x
9.4cm H)

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